Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements For New York State Public Employers

(A new law effective March 4, 2007)


What is the New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Law?

On June 7, 2006, New York State enacted legislation creating a new Section 27-b of State Labor Law that requires public employers to perform a workplace evaluation or risk evaluation at each worksite and to develop and implement programs to prevent and minimize workplace violence caused by assaults and homicides.  The Law is designed to ensure that the risks of workplace assaults and homicides are regularly evaluated by public employers and that workplace violence protection programs are implemented to prevent and minimize the hazard to public employees.

What are public employers required to do to comply with this Law?

The Law requires every public employer to perform a risk evaluation of their workplace to determine the presence of factors or situations that might place employees at risk from occupational assaults and homicides, prepare a workplace violence prevention program and inform and train employees on the requirements of the Law and the workplace risk factors that were identified.  Additionally, public employers with a combined total of 20 or more full-time permanent employees shall develop and implement a written workplace violence prevention program and provide employee training on workplace violence prevention measures and other information contained within the employers written program.  Employee workplace violence training must be provided at the time of job assignment and annually thereafter.  The written workplace violence prevention program should be pro-active, capable of assessing potential threats before they occur, and capable of responding to actual incidents immediately.

What assistance is available to help you comply?

Public Sector HR Consultants LLC (PSHRC) supports the human resource management needs of municipalities of all sizes throughout NYS, and since 1994 has provided assistance to hundreds of municipalities in a wide variety of HR related areas.  PSHRC offers professional services that address the issue of workplace violence.  Our program specialists will work together with your municipality to initiate a proactive effort to minimize the potential for incidents of violence in the workplace and achieve compliance with the new regulations.

How can you get more information?

Contact Public Sector HR Consultants LLC for a customized analysis of your needs and a proposal for our services.

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