Our Clients Speak…

Public Sector HR Consultants LLC (PSHRC) has helped numerous municipalities deal with their human resource challenges.  Here are comments from just a few of our satisfied clients:

Greene County

“This county came to realize a need to address the issue of fair and equitable compensation for our management/confidential employees.  We knew of PSHRC from work they have done with local municipalities, and contacted them for assistance.  The wage and salary program that PSHRC developed for us has proven to be an excellent management tool that provides the structure needed for making sound decisions with regard to compensation.  The wage and salary program is further augmented by our implementation of a formal performance appraisal process, also designed and supported by PSHRC.  Our management team has been extremely pleased with the services provided by PSHRC and value our continuing partnership.”

Doug Brewer, County Administrator, Greene County
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Wage and Salary Program; Job Descriptions; Performance Appraisal System

Town of Owego (Tioga County)

“We started our professional relationship with PSHRC in 1996 when we retained them to conduct an audit of our human resource management practices, procedures and policies.  Thanks to PSHRC’s professional assistance, we have since taken many proactive steps to get our town into compliance with the various federal and state labor regulations that affect us.  Our town feels comfortable that we are in good position to face the human resource challenges of the new millenium.”

Carol Sweeney, Town Supervisor, Town of Owego
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Human Resources Audit, Wage and Salary Program; Job Descriptions; Performance Appraisal System; Employee Handbook; Supervisory Training, Drug and Alcohol Policy, On-going Consultation

Town of Greenburgh (Westchester County)

“Our town has been a client of PSHRC’s since 1997 when they were first hired to develop a Wage and Salary Program for our management/confidential employees.  We have expanded our professional relationship with them to include a variety of other human resource initiatives.  They are very responsive to our town’s unique needs and have been a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Feiner, Town Supervisor, Town of Greenburgh
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Wage and Salary Program; Job Descriptions; Performance Appraisal System; Employee Handbook; Supervisory and Employee Training

Town of Harrietstown (Franklin County)

“Our town concluded that we could no longer operate without the basic tools needed to manage our employees.  With PSHRC’s professional assistance, we have established policies and programs that will not only relieve us of some of the problems that occur when dealing with personnel matters, but also help us comply with the many federal and state labor regulations.  PSHRC goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the Town of Harrietstown.”

Larry Miller, Town Supervisor, Town of Harrietstown
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Wage and Salary Program; Job Descriptions; Employee Handbook; Performance Appraisal System, Supervisory and Employee Training and Development, On-going Consultation

Town of Bethlehem (Albany County)

“My responsibility is to run a rather large Highway Department and I realized that I could not possibly keep up with all the regulatory changes that affect my workforce.  Our town hired PSHRC to develop and implement our Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy and provide training in this area.  In addition, because my workforce is ever changing and becoming more diverse, I felt it important to provide sensitivity awareness training for my staff in the area of sexual harassment.  PSHRC was called upon again to help us out and conducted training for my supervisors and employees.  I continue to look to them for guidance on the various unique employee issues that arise within our department.”

Gregg Sagendorph, Superintendent of Highways, Town of Bethlehem
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Drug and Alcohol Policy Development, Supervisory Training, Family and Medical Leave Act Policy, Job Descriptions, On-going Consultation

Town of Lansing (Tompkins County)

“Our town strives to be fair to our employees and recognized the need to establish a system of equitable pay within our organization.  In order to further this objective, we hired PSHRC to develop a salary plan that took into consideration the unique relationships of positions within our workforce.  It is extremely important to balance the compensation needs of our employee while at the same time being accountable to the taxpayers who pay the bill.  I feel the wage and salary program developed by PSHRC helped us balance these two concerns.”

Stephen Farkas, Town Supervisor, Town of Lansing
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Wage and Salary Program, Job Descriptions, Employee Handbook, On-going Consultation

Town of Fishkill (Dutchess County)

“As Supervisor of a town whose goal is to deliver services to our residents in a cost-effective and efficient manner, I recognized the importance of having sound personnel policies and procedures that are not only compliant with labor regulations, but establish best practices in key areas.  We looked to PSHRC to provide an objective review of our town-wide personnel management practices and provide a set of recommendations to improve these practices.  With PSHRC’s assistance, we updated our handbook, established policies and procedures that comply with the recent changes in federal drug and alcohol testing regulations, and documented job functions, responsibilities and supervisory relationships with up-to-date job descriptions.  We continue to look to PSHRC to provide their guidance and expertise in sensitive personnel areas that require a good understanding of human resource management and labor regulations.”

Joan Pagones, Town Supervisor, Town of Fishkill
Services Provided by PSHRC:
Human Resources Audit, Employee Handbook, Drug and Alcohol Policy Development, Job Descriptions, On-going Consultation

Rockland County

“We found PSHRC’s team of consultants, led by the company’s President, Ronni Travers, to be an extremely professional group.  Their interaction with our employees was done in a positive manner, and their expertise in the area of compensation administration was very impressive.”

Robert J. Winzinger, Sr., Deputy Commissioner of Personnel, Rockland County
Service Provided by PSHRC:
Wage and Salary Administration Program

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